JOHN BODDY (possible brother of Samuel)
    Date of Enlistment: 27 September 1864
        Enlist Place: Sanilac
        Enlist Rank: Private
        Enlist Age: 38
        Discharge Rank: Private
        Service:  D Co, 10th Infantry Reg, Michigan       Michigan 10th Infantry Information
        Joined regiment: 17 October 1864, Chattanooga, TN
    Discharge: 12 June 1865, Washington D.C.
    Length of Service: 9 mo, 9 days
    P.O. Address: Buel, Sanilac Co, Michigan
    Disibility Incurred: Paralyzed on left side & hearing
   Pensions:                                                          Image - Pension Index
    John:        Date of Filing: 1874 Jul 6     Invalid    Application # 194.149  Certificate # 548.600
    Elizabeth:  Date of Filing: 1895 Sep 9  Widow   Application # 620.394  Certificate # 438.042 Michigan

SAMUEL BODDY (possible brother of John)
    Induction Rank:  Corporal.
        Discharge Rank: Seargeant
    Service:    B Co, 11th Cav Reg, Michigan            Michigan 11th Cavalry Information
   Pension:                                                            Image - Pension Index
    Ellen:        Date of Filing: 1866 Jan 2  Widow  Application #118.581  Certificate # 77.587

ROBERT BODDY (son of Samuel)
        Date of Enlistment: 08 February 1863
        Enlist Place: Rome
        Enlist Rank: Private
        Enlist Age: 21
        Discharge Rank: Private
        Service:    K Co, 22nd Infantry Reg, Michigan      Michigan 22nd Infantry Information
        Mustered Out:  26 June 1865, Nashville, TN
        Pensions:                                                            Image - Pension Index
    Robert:   Date of Filing: 1883 May 11            Invalid  Application # 483.165  Certificate # 930.484 Michigan
    Eleanor:  Date of Filing: 1910 December 15  Widow  Application # 954.411  Certificate # 716.868 Michigan

CHARLES E BODDY (possible son of Samuel)
        Date of Enlistment: 12 August 1862
        Enlist Place: Port Sanilac
        Enlist Rank: Private
        Enlist Age: 22
        Induction  Rank: 1 Seargeant
        Discharge Rank: 1 Seargeant
        Service:    K Co, 8th Cav Reg, Michigan
        Deserted:  04 April 1863
   Pension:                                                               Image - Pension Index
    Service:   Unknown, USA
    Charles:   Date of Filing: 1933 September 6   Soldier   Application #1735101

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