(Taken from ‘History of the Hallman Family in Canada’ compiled and collected by H.S. Hallman and printed after the Re-Union in 1905.)

Children of Benjamin Hallman

Rev. Jacob Hallman, the eldest in the family was born in Montgomery County, Pa., November 18th, 1803. In 1822 he, in company with Mr. Lutz, walked to Canada and made Waterloo County, Ontario, his home for about two years. He had left on a Sunday afternoon without any money and only a little bundle of clothes. He earned his way as he went. When, after two years of a stay he had earned some money he returned home, where he remained till the following spring, when he persuaded his father and mother and remainder of the family to go back with him to Canada. Sometime after his arrival he was married to Eva, daughter of Christian and Polly (Ruth) Strome. She was born Sept. 9th, 1803, and died July 11th, 1886. Soon after their marriage they moved on their farm of about 200 acres, in Wilmot Tp., about two and one half miles north of New Dundee, where they resided until their deaths.

In 1837 he was called to the ministry of the Mennonite Church, which body he served faithfully for over forty years. His sermons were always plain, practical, and accompanied with a strong appeal to the younger members of the congregation to live up to the teachings of the Scriptures. His great and only desire was that he might pass the rest of his days in the humble yet honorable service in the ministry of the Lord, to which he was so sincerely attached. His companionship was always pleasant. Even in his last months of suffering, when the writer (Rev. H.S. Hallman) was privileged to take his turn with one of his grandsons once a week to watch over him during the night, he always had an encouraging and instructive word for us boys. How blessed these memories are to those of us who are following them to the same future home. What lasting impessions for good they have left. He died March 23rd, 1878. His family consists of seven children.

Jacob Hallman's Homestead
1905 - Afterwards owned by John S. Hallman, his son, and then in possession of Allan Hallman.

Margaret Hallman was born August 31st, 1805 and died March 18th, 1884. She was married to Adam Unger (born in Lancaster County, Pa.) October 31st, 1824. In February, 1825, they moved to North Dumfries Township, on lot No. 32, one mile east of Roseville, on a farm of about 150 acres, where they resided until their death. It was not the privilege of the writer (Rev. H.S. Hallman) to be as well acquainted with his beloved aunt, as he was with some of the others. But, like the others in the family, she was firm in her principles and righteousness. They had a family of seven children.

Update, 1991, Joan Hallman:
In February, 1825, they moved to North Dumfries Township, on Lot 31, Con. 12 (three miles east of Roseville) on a farm of about 150 acres, where they resided until their death.

Maria Hallman was born September 10th, 1806, and died March 8th, 1873. She was married to Jacob Bechtel. They resided in North Dumfries Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, near the old "Black Horse" hotel, where they owned a farm of about 150 acres, where he died. After his death, she made her home with her daughter Catharine, who was married to Benjamin Snyder, where she died in the year 1883. They were both members of the Mennonite church, and to these principles they adhered till they died. She was a good mother, and always sought to instil into the minds and hearts of her family the noble and elevating principles of Christianity. They had a family of fourteen children.

Update, 1991, Joan Hallman:
They resided in North Dumfries Township, Waterloo County, on Lot 30, Con. 12 (two miles east of Roseville) where they owned a farm of about 150 acres, where he died in 1875.

Jacob Bechtel's Homestead
1905 - Mr. Beatty

Joseph Hallman was born September 15th, 1808. In 1831 he was married to Susannah, daughter of Henry M. and Sarah (Bergey) Clemmer. She was born December 29th, 1810, and died February 15th, 1854. In 1856 he was again married to Elizabeth, daughter of John Clemmer. She was born October 29th, 1820, and died March 27th, 1860. In 1866 he was again married to Magdalena, daughter of David and Elizabeth (Bechtel) Eby. She was born December 12th, 1813, and died April 2nd, 1886. After his first marriage he moved to Mannheim, on the farm now in possession of Peter Geiger, where he resided four years, then he moved on the farm now owned by Samuel Toman, a little west of New Dundee, the farm which was afterwards owned by his younger brother Wendell, where they resided one year; then he moved to Blennheim Township, Oxford County, about one and a half miles south-west of New Dundee, on a large farm, where he lived till his death. His family consisted of twelve children, all of whom, save the youngest, are of the first wife. He was one of those firm minded men of whom not a few were to be found amoung those old fathers who came from Pennsylvania. Though of a kindly disposition and high moral principles, when once his mind was made up, it was difficult for him to change it. He was a member of the Mennonite Church, and adhered strictly to these principles to his death. His life and conduct were such as would make an impression for good on his fellowmen and family. Though he was inclined, perhaps, to discount the views of others if they did not agree with him on religious lines, yet, we have reason to believe he was honest in his convictions. He lived on the old homestead in the residence shown below.

Joseph Hallman's Old Homestead in Blenheim Township
1905 - George Hallman

Catharine Hallman was born September 28th, 1810, and died January 19th, 1889. She was married to Abraham Bricker June 10th, 1830. They owned a large farm near Mannheim where they lived for fifty-one years. In 1882 they made their home with their daughter Catharine (Mrs. I. Nahrgang) where she died. She was a member of the Mennonite Church, and was loyal to her convictions. As a mother she was always anxious for the welfare of her children, faithfully discharging the duties of a mother as far as she could. Their family consists of thirteen children.

Abraham Bricker's Homestead
1905 - Isaac Krupp. Henry Bear is the present owner.

John Hallman was born August 1st, 1812. He was married to Sallie Bergey, and resided near Mannheim, where he owned a large farm of about 200 acres. He was a member of the Old Mennonite Church, and lived a quiet peacable life. He was a thrifty farmer which occupation he followed until he retired. He lived on the old homestead in the residence shown below, until he died, March 13th, 1888. They had a large family.

John Hallman's Homestead
1905 - Alf Knechtel

Veronica Hallman, was born May 14th, 1814, and died January 9th, 1894. She was married to William Hunsberger April 15th, 1834. After their marriage they moved on the lot lying next to the old "Grody Farm," north-west of the Schmidt Mennonite Meeting House, Wilmot Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, where they commenced in the woods. They remained there until in the spring of 1836, when they purchased a farm of about 150 acres one mile west of New Dundee. Here they resided until their deaths. The earliest recollections of this dear old aunt by the writer (Rev. H.L. Hallman), are her kind words with which she always welcomed us as children to her home. She always had something to give to the children to make them happy. It was like going to one's own mother to come to her for comfort and advice. Strictly moral and upright in her life, she sought to teach her family according to her own convictions. Her admonitions to her own and others were always of a religious nature. Many a happy day did the writer spend at their home when a boy. They were both members of the Tunker (River Brethren) Church. He died March 2nd, 1895. They had a family of ten children.

Wm. Honsberger's Homestead
1905 - Mr. Baer

Elizabeth Hallman, was born June 12, 1817, and died June 30th, 1883. She was married to Samuel Hunsberger (born September 6th, 1814, and died April 1905). They moved to the farm four miles north of New Dundee, now owned by Jacob S. Hallman where they resided for a few years and afterwards they purchased a farm one mile south and two miles west of New Dundee, where they resided until her death. The farm is at present owned by Benjamin Krupp, and buildings are destroyed. The house as it appeared before it was burnt is seen in the picture below. He had his home with Moses Toman of late years, where he died. They had a family of two children.

Samuel Honsberger's Old Home
1905 - B. Krupp.

Christian Hallman, was born June 5th, 1820, and died April 27th, 1821.

Hannah Hallman, twin sister to Christian, was born June 5th, 1820, and died August 23rd, 1820.

Rev. Benjamin Hallman, was born September 20th, 1821. On January 24th, 1843, he was married to Catherine Honsberger who was born March 16th, 1824, and died November 30th, 1886. After his marriage he moved on his father's old homestead, about a mile east of Roseville, where he still resides. Some years ago he was chosen to the ministry of ther River Brethren denomination. Active, faithful, disinterested and self-sacrificing devotion for the teaching of that which he regards as truth and Gospel teaching, are marked features of his character. Like some others, his firmness and extreme conscientiousness woud perhaps at times put a discount on the faith of others who did not see eye to eye with him, but no one could doubt his sincerity and honesty. He has always been highly respected by those who knew him best. He sought to teach his family the principles so prominently manifest in his own life, and to bring them up in the fear of the Lord. His family consists of eleven children.

The Old Benjamin Hallman Homestead
1905 - Benjamin Hallman. Then in possession of Ephraim Hallman.

Christian Hallman, was born in Montgomery County, Pa., October 25th, 1822. On March 4th, 1845, he was married to Leah Bechtel who was born June 23rd, 1823. After their marriage they resided in Wilmot Township, Waterloo County, where he was engaged as a contractor and builder, and during the winter months in weaving. In the year 1875 they moved to Hanover, Grey County, Ontario, where he now resides. They have a family of eleven children.

1905 - Home of Christian Hallman, Hanover, Ontario

Hannah Hallman, was born November 2rd, 1824. she was married to Enoch Ziegler. The first two years after their marriage they resided in North Dumfries Township, at Mr. Solomon Gehman's. In 1846 they moved to Berlin, where he carried on the business of carriage maker, and where she still has her home. She is a devoted, earnest, conscientious Christian, and a devoted mother. He died in the year 1897. A picture of her present home is given below. They have a family of ten children.

1905 - Home of Mrs. Hannah Ziegler, Berlin, Ontario

Rev. Wendell Hallman, the youngest son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Detweiler) Hallman, was born in North Dumfries Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, November 4th, 1827. His boyhood days were spent on his father's farm near Roseville. On February 13th, 1849, he was married to Nancy Schlichter who was born August 24th, 1829. Soon after their marriage they settled on a farm about a mile west of New Dundee, where they resided until, March 20th, 1883, when they sold their farm and moved to Michigan, where he resided for some years. They then moved to Berlin, Ontario, where he is still living (they lived here until they died). Nearly 40 years ago he was ordained to the ministry of the River Brethred (Dunkards) denomination. As a father he always sought to give his children wholesome advice. He was always very strict in training his children, sometimes we children thought perhaps a little too strict, but the writer (Rev. H.S. Hallman) at least does not think so now. As early as the writer can recollect, the family was gathered together every morning, and while we were all quietly seated father would read a chapter out of the Bible, followed by an earnest simple prayer. These moments made and left a deep impression on the minds of the children, and must certainly have been a source of strength to those who were followers of Christ. His most earnest desire has always been that all his children might be saved. As a minister he is well like by his congregation and others. A view of his former homestead is shown below.

Homestead of Wendell Hallman
1905 - Samuel Toman

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