The Wedding of Doug and Donna - June 25, 2005

Rehearsal Dinner


Video: Our Vows to each other

Video: Presenting Mr and Mrs Douglas Boddy

Wedding Reception


Home at Last

A few words from Donna:

I want to take a few moments to share with our dear friends and family some of our experiences of the past few days. Please know, dear loved ones, that we may be miles apart, but you will be in our hearts and prayers forever. We have had a wonderful first week of marriage. We spent our first night in St Genevieve, Missouri, in a cozy bed and breakfast. The little town offers a charming but quaint French flair, with its narrow European streets and the early French-style settlements. Our hosts at the B&B were very accommodating and friendly and our room imparted a romantic ambiance with its colonial charm, antique musical instruments scattered about and a rather large Jacuzzi for two. We dined at the charming Inn St. Genevieve, a delightful French restaurant across from our hotel. The food was enjoyable, and just enough to satisfy the appetite--no need for the proverbial "to-go" box.

The next day we returned to Cape, picked up my two somewhat disorientated Pomeranians and headed for Branson. I have to admit that as we drove out of the city limits of Cape Girardeau, I felt a tug on my heartstrings-knowing that I was leaving my home of over 15 years for the last time. However, there was an air of expectation building in my heart for what lay ahead...

We arrived in Branson around 4:00 Sunday afternoon and took Stevie and Teddy to a cute little pet resort. There they would spend the next 3 days getting acquainted with several other vacationing canines. During those next few days Doug and I managed to get in a little sight seeing (especially on those occasions when we got lost), to do a bit of shopping and to see a few shows.

On our first evening in Branson we decided to take a trip down the Nile via the Imax. It was interesting, but not something to get overly excited about--barely entertaining enough keep me awake with some effort. Not really worth the $8.00 we were charged.

The next evening we attended the Dixie Stampede, a show that seems to jump out of the history pages from the days of the Civil War, complete with a huge Southern-style dinner, slung from all directions onto the plates of the spectators. No need to finish it all at one setting. A complimentary doggie bag was graciously provided.

On our third day, we treated ourselves to a much-needed therapeutic massage, which seemed to erase some of the stress of the last three weeks. After this relaxing experience, we hurried off to a great nautical adventure around the Table Rock Lake on the Branson Belle Showboat. Here we enjoyed a terrific song-and-dance variety show, topped off with an elegant lunch of chicken, beef, wild rice and an "Ozark version" of baked Alaska (?). We had a front row table and were able to tape much of the presentation. It was quite breath-taking and VERY colorful.

On our last day in Branson we decided to take in a Christian talk show which was being taped right across from our hotel. Here we were blessed to hear Carol Lawrence share her theatrical and television memories as well as her testimony. She was a very warm and inspiring lady. She even invited us to see her show for FREE that afternoon. She and Ed Ames were performing at the Follies Theatre (Mr. Ames is a renowned singer and actor who played the role of Mingo on the Old Daniel Boone television series, for all of you in the "over 40" crowd) . Once again we were seated in the very first row. Quite a treat! Along with a "glitzy" song and dance ensemble (just my style), they performed many of the great show tunes of the 20th century. After the performance, we were able to chat briefly with both Ed and Carol and were blessed to bring back not only their autographs, but also precious memories of their charm and talents, which will remain engraved in our memories forever.

Doug and I both enjoy traveling, so while we were in Branson, we decided to buy into a time-share. We believe that this will allow us many more opportunities for seeing the country and perhaps more of the world together in the future. Now we have returned from our honeymoon and are ready to begin our lives together as husband and wife.

It was indeed very sad to leave my wonderful friends and family behind in Cape Girardeau and I will miss them all TERRIBLY; however, I canít help but have feelings of great expectation and excitement as to what the Lord has in store for us. We attended our new church together today and were warmly welcomed into their midst. We have already made plans to get more involved with First Family Church and are excited for what we believe God will do in our marriage. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and please stay in touch. We love you all. God bless.

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