(Taken from ‘History of the Hallman Family in Canada’ compiled and collected by H.S. Hallman and printed after the Re-Union in 1905.)

A Brief History and Chronology of the Descendants of Benjamin Hallman (D), son of Benjamin Hallman (C), who was the son of Henry Hallman (B), who was the son of Anthony Hallman (A).


Anthony Hallman, Great Grandfather of Benjamin Hallman, the history of whose descendants is traced in the following pages, was a resident of Skippack Township, Montgomery County, Pa., probably as early as 1708, where he owned a farm of about 150 acres (see picture). According to the records given, he was born in the year 1671. He was a member of the Augustus Lutheran Church, Trappe, Pa., and was one of the building committee of this Church in 1743 which building is still standing. (See picture below). Over one of the doors of the Church building is a stone containing the names of the building committee, and his name is given in Latin: "A. Heilmano."



He made his will January 25th, 1759, and it is recorded in book L., page 301, in the Register of Wills office in Philadelphia, Pa. The following is an abstract of the same, giving the important items contained therein:

I hereby disinherit my son John for reasons best known to himself, save one English shilling, to be paid within ten days after my death. I give unto my oldest daughter Dorothy Heizer, wife of John Heizer (Heiser) the sum of £500. I give unto my second daughter Christiann Leffeber (Lefeber) the sum of £500. I give unto my third daughter Catharine Kressman (wife of John Cressman) £500. I give unto my three grandsons Leonard, Valentine and George, my daughter Mary Salome Perkymer’s children (Berkheimer) the sum of £1 13.4. I give unto my daughter Barbara Jacobs the sum of £5. I give unto my youngest daughter Anna Marie Ketchy, the minister’s wife (Rev. John Henry Goetachius) the sum of £5. I give unto my youngest son Henry Hallman all my household goods, chattels, husbandry implements, &c., also my land in Skippack, about 150 acres."

His son, Henry Hallman, was appointed sole executor of the estate under the will. The witnesses to the will were Deter Melchor, Jacob (?) and Charles Cornelius Raboteau. The will was probated August 3, 1759.

The maiden name of Anthony Hallman's wife is not known, but her given name was Mary Salome. She died in September 1745, at the age of 43 years, and was buried at the Trappe church, September 26, 1745.

Anthony Hallman died in July 1759 at the age of 88 years, and was buried at the Trappe church, July 16, 1759. At the time of his death he was warden of the Augustus Lutheran Church, Trappe, Pa., of which Rev. Henry Melchor Muhlenberg was pastor.

They had eight children:
1. (b) John, married, but name of his wife is not known
2. (b) Dorothy, married to John Heizer.
3. (b) Christiana, married to Mr. Lefeber.
4. (b) Catharine, married to Jacob Cressman.
5. (b) Mary Salome, married to Mr. Berkheimer.
6. (b) Barbara, married to Mr. Jacobs.
7. (b) Anna Maria, married to Rev. John Henry Goetschy.
8. (b) Henry, married twice. The name of his first wife is not given. The name of his second wife was Anna Maria Bersons.
We give here a brief record of the other children, though the youngest son Henry is the one in the direct line of the Ancestors of the Hallmans whose history is given in these pages.


John 1. (b) the eldest, was married and had six children, whose names were as follows:

9. (c) Anthony, married to Sarah Thomas.
10. (c) Anna Catharine, married to Matthias Tyson.
11. (c) Elizabeth.
12. (c) John.
13. (c) Maria.
14. (c) Paul.
He purchased a farm of Mary Norris in 1736, of 172 acres in Worcester Township. In 1763 he sold this farm to his nephew, Leonard Berkheimer, and purchased a mill in Gwynedd Township. He also followed the trade of blacksmith. He was a contributer to the salary of pastor Muhlenberg in 1760. This is all that is known of John.

The descendants of Dorothy, Christiana and Catharine have not been traced.

Mary Salome 3. (b) was married to one Berkheimer. They had three children, whose names were as follows:

15. (c) Leonard.
16. (c) Valentine.
17. (c) George.
The descendants of Barbara and Anna Maria have not been traced.

Henry 8. (b) the youngest son, as stated in the will, inherited his father's farm in Skippack Township, and resided on it all his lifetime. As far as can be found out from the records, he was a member of the Augustus Lutheran Church, and his name is found as one of the contributors to pastor Muhlenberg's salary in 1760. He was married twice. The name of his first wife is not known, neither can we find out how many of his children belong to his first wife. His family are buried at the Old Mennonite Cemetery in Skippack Township. The following were probably the names of the children of his first wife:

18. (c) Anna Catharine.
19. (c) Anna Christina married to Jacob Schneider.
20. (c) A son (name not given) who died September 1745, aged three years.
He was married the second time, on April 22nd, 1751, to Anna Maria Bersons. The children of this wife were probably the following: 21. (c) Jacob, married.
22. (c) Benjamin, married.
23. (c) A daughter, (name not given).
24. (c) George.
25. (c) A daughter, (died June 1756, aged four years).
26. (c) Jonathan.
27. (c) Anthony.
28. (c) Daniel.
His second wife died December 5th, 1792, aged 38 years and 2 months. He, himself, died at the age of 87 years and 5 months.
A brief history of Henry Hallman's children is given as follows:

GENERATION III 18. (c) Anna Catharine Hallman, was confirmed by Rev. Schultz, in Augustus Lutheran Church, Trappe, Pa., April 12, 1752, at the age of 13 years.
19. (c) Anna Christina Hallman, was confirmed March 30th, 1755, at the age of 14 years. She was married May 16th, 1758, to Jacob Schneider. (Descendants, if any, have not been traced).
21. (c) Jacob Hallman, born June 12, 1757; died April 20th, 1823. He lived on his father's farm in Skippack Township. He belonged to Capt. Daniel Springer's company of Militia in 1781.
22. (c) Benjamin Hallman, was a member of Capt. Barnet Haine's Company of Militia in 1777. Served as ensign in 1781. He was a shoemaker by trade and lived in Upper Providence Township, Montgomery County, Pa. He was married to Anna (or Fronica) Gotwals.
They had thirteen children, and their names were as follows: 31. (d) Jacob, married to Mary Shoemaker.
32. (d) Henry, married to Elizabeth Grater.
33. (d) Joseph, married to Margaret Fry.
34. (d) Abraham, married to Hannah Prizes.
35. (d) Michael, married to ------Detweiler (?)
36. (d) Isaac.
37. (d) Adam.
38. (d) Samuel.
39. (d) Susan, married to George Weller.
40. (d) Mary, married to Frederick Isett.
41. (d) Margaret, married to Samuel Munsbauer
42. (d) Elizabeth, married to -------Griffith.
43. (d) Benjamin, married to Elizabeth Detweiler.
Most of the members of the Hallman family in Canada are descendants of 43 (d) Benjamin and Elizabeth (Detweiler) Hallman, the youngest son of Benjamin Hallman (22). A small number of the family in Canada are descendants of 33 (d) Joseph and Margaret (Fry) Hallman.

GENERATION IV 43. (d) Benjamin Hallman, was born September 18th, 1783, in Perkiomen Township, Montgomery County, Pa., where he followed farming. During the great financial depressions from 1810 until 1827 many of that calling in Montgomery and other counties failed financially, and in order to save their creditors from losing any money, the distressed farmers sold their farms at a great sacrifice and paid their debts, and with whatever little balance left they wended their way to Canada where land could be had cheap and thus made another attempt to gain a free home. And as a rule all these parties in a very few years were the possessors of valuable farms. Such was the case with Benjamin Hallman (43 d), our Canadian progenitor. He suffered financially during the great crisis as aforesaid, and finding things to his advantage, he moved to Canada with his family in 1825. They left Montgomery County, Pa., on the 6th day of May with two double horse teams and one single horse team. They crossed the Niagara River from Lewiston to Queenston on a large "Flat Boat." Then they wended their way up to Dundas and through the Beverly Swamp to Waterloo County, arriving at Jacob Rosenberger's near Preston, where they made a stay of three days. Thence they moved on a farm two miles west of Waterloo. Here he resided until spring (1826) when he moved to North Dumfries Township, about one mile east of Roseville, where he had purchased a most beautiful farm of about 200 acres, then nearly all forest. This farm is now in possession of Ephraim, son of Menno H. Hallman. Here the old Grandfather died full of years, September 10th, 1869. He was a member of the Mennonite Church, and lived a strictly moral life. His principles of Christianity were always foremost in his dealings with his fellowmen. His advice to his grand children, of whom the writer was one, was always good. Our earliest recollection of him is when he held us on his knee and instructed us to be a good boy. Three of his sons and a number of Grand sons and Great Grand sons entered the ministry. On September 2nd, 1802, he was married to Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Harley) Detweiler. She was born August 8th, 1784, and died August 9th, 1856. To them was born a numerous family, all of which were born in Montgomery County, Pa., save the two youngest, Hannah and Wendel, who were born in Waterloo County, Ontario. See picture of his homestead below.
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